Cannon mould carriers for polyurethane foaming of steering wheels are state-of-the-art and they provide the following advantages:

  • Tilting
    A proper venting of the mould during and after injection is important to avoid air bubbles trapped on the steering wheels. Tilting facilitates venting of the mould and it can also improve the ergonomy of the mould carrier. Cannon mould carriers are available with no tilting or continuously adjustable tilting up to 60° or even 90°.
  • Book opening
    Easy accessibility to the mould by operator or robot is possible thanks to the “book opening” of the lid. Different opening angles are available: from 90° to 180°.
  • Positioning of the mixing head
    Depending on the type of mould carrier, the mixing head can be positioned vertical on the operator side or horizontal on the back side: in this case a mixing head holder (slide) is available too. In this way the mixing head is easily accessible for nozzle adjustment and maintenance.
  • Clamping force
    Depending on the model of mould carrier, clamping force is from 10 to 20 tons. Clamping is achieved by an hydraulic cylinder acting on the lower platen of the mould carrier.
  • Mould change
    Thanks to neat and rational design of the mould carrier, mould change is easy and fast. The accessibility to the three main sides of the mould carrier is extremely good.