Raw material feeding is a delicate task when productivities are very high. Cannon Stacking Line is a balanced combination of efficiency and flexibility.

Starting from carbon fiber rolls of different orientations, Cannon Stacking Line can produce optimized geometry multilayer stacks, already spot-welded and labeled.

Spot welding is performed through heating and consolidating the binder (previously deposed on the carbon fiber rolls) through a dedicated ultrasonic tool and is the most efficient system to properly bond the different plies without leaving permanent trace.

Labeling is the ideal solution to maintain traceability of each part not only during the part manufacturing but also for the whole product lifetime.

Cutting of the preforms is efficiently performed with a 2D cutter. The cutting unit is equipped with a fast and precise tool able to cut the whole multilayer stack, granting this way high productivity to the equipment. As a consequence, the cycle time will depend on the customer’s’ needs, up to eight rolls of differently oriented fibers can be overlapped in order to compose the final stacks.

All the operations are done in automatic and controlled by an efficient nesting program, in order to minimize scraps and properly manage the overall process and the quality of the parts.

A dedicated roll change system allows to prepare the new set of carbon fiber rolls while the current is being used, without any impact on the line productivity.