Chain Crea 2015 is a Cannon solution for producing skin for automotive interiors. This machine configuration from the CREA series offer a solution to the challenge of feeding the machine with a soft raw material from roll. It Is designed with a dedicated chains transfer system to carry the material from roll up to the forming area.

Key Aspects

  • Fully automatic machine with automatic loading and unloading
  • Size adjustment with nominal aperture plate and clamp frame
  • Increased productivity and energy saving based on advanced solutions for heating and cooling.
  • Intuitive HMI, readiness for Industry 4.0

Main Features

  • Fast material transfer with chains
  • Two heating banks of individually controlled high speed IR quartz lamps, custom configuration available upon request.
  • Automatic unwinding of material from rolls 
  • Formed part separation with automatic cutting device
  • Fast change system for all tooling equipment
  • Ergonomic position for operator access for part collection
Chain thermoforming Machine