Dual CREA 1512-06 is the CANNON solution for production of automotive air ducts from foamed thermoplastics using light twin sheet vacuum forming process.

Key Aspects

  • Simple and functional machine design with reduced footprint
  • Dedicated solution for hollow and flexible parts production.
  • Machine suitable for working both in single sheet and light twin sheet.
  • Increased productivity and energy saving based on advanced solutions for heating and cooling.

Main Features

  • Manual unroll, lay, tension and cutting of material.
  • Manual extraction of formed part from the openable cartridge
  • Heating using Halogen “Speedium” emitters
  • Heating and cooling pyrometers
  • Automatic control of material sag
  • Reel frame carrying three coils of foamed material
  • Fast change system for mold with universal plate and quick locking of the upper mold to the plug assist plate.
  • HMI with touch screen panel with auto learning and recipes storage
air ducts thermoforming machine