GripCREA is the CANNON solution for vacuum lamination (thermo covering) dedicated to the automotive industry. Single station thermoforming machine for aesthetic and soft touch skin application for dashboards and interior trims.

Key Aspects

  • Automatic process for substrate covering with skin layer (TPO, PVC) with expanded foam backing
  • High quality aesthetic finishing and soft touch feeling with a single operation
  • Simple and functional machine design with reduced footprint
  • Increased productivity and energy saving based on advanced solutions for heating and cooling.

Main Features

  • Motorized gripping system to unroll, lay and tension the material with integrated cutting
  • Two heating banks of individually controlled quartz lamps for the material
  • Additional ceramic heating panel for the substrate
  • Heating and cooling pyrometers with close-loop temperature control
  • Automatic control of material sag and pre-stretching (bubble)
  • Mold/material detection system with automatic program selection
  • Reel frame carrying three coils of material
  • Fast change system for mold and plug assist
Thermo covering Machine