Cannon smart response to high-level automotive industry needs: single station thermoforming machine producing car interior trims with vacuum forming or thermocovering techniques, with turning table concept.

Key Aspects

  • Fast cycle time due to double mold, one in forming area, one in operator area
  • Easy manual operations with mold accessibility on 3 sides
  • Forming and pre-cutting in the same station
  • Automatic reel feeding with devices for junction

Feeding System

  • Reel frame carrying two coils of material
  • Manual junction between finishing reel and new one
  • Curved aluminum chute to prevent the material fromtouching the floor
  • Motorised gripping system to unroll, lay and tension the material
  • Transverse cutter on the clamp frame

Heating and Process Control

  • Two heating banks of quartz lamps, several half-sized, individually controlled
  • PLC and operative panel: optimized heating process with a closed-loop temperature control
  • Automatic retraction of lower heater in case of emergency
  • Heating and cooling pyrometers
  • Proportional valve for slow vacuum and automatic bubble and sheet sag control

Forming and De Moulding Devices

  • Rotating closing gate with double mold table: forming on one mold and manual de-molding on the other at the same time
  • Completely dedicated and changeable aperture plate and clamp frame
  • Shuttling upper platen: plug assist against wrinkles and set of blades for cutting
  • Completely servo-electric movements with rack and pinion systems
  • Dedicated auto-centring reduction plates for the molds
  • Mold model identification