Automotive business is more and more looking for energy and emission saving solutions. Electric vehicle development is also giving a strong drive in this direction, searching for longer battery life.

Twin Sheet thermoforming process with XLPE foam (Cross-linked polyethylene foam) is an excellent solution for production of air ducts for thermal conditioning of passenger compartment. Respect to traditional blow moulding, this technology features several advantages:

  • Weight reduction up to 75%
  • Better acoustic performance
  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • Flexibility for easy assembling
  • No rattling noise in the car

With Its long experience in twin sheet thermoforming in several applications, Cannon conceived a machine with transfer system customized to application, with a smart handling of sheets for considerable saving of material.

Twin Sheet Machine

For hollow part’s production


Design, development and suppy of moulds


Solutions of motion control and industrial robotics