Each car and truck  may contain several hundreds of meters  of cables. Some specific sections of these cables need protection from water, heat ,  chemicals and dust while others must basically seal holes between different compartments of the cabin.

These functions are fulfilled by the so called “cable grommet” and “wire encapsulation”, both made by using polyurethane in order to have high mechanical and technical properties, like stability and sealing.

Cannon provides integrated turn-key systems for the production of cable grommet and wire encapsulation through the classic RIM technology, where cables or wires are closed in a mould and poured.
Depending on costumer’s needs, Cannon can also provide moulds in different materials and tailor-made layouts.


L shaped Cannon iconic multipurpose mixing head


Customizable all in one iconic dosing unit


Modular multicomponent high pressure dosing unit for plants


Design, development and suppy of moulds