Central console, dashboard and door panels are the most interaction places in a car.

For this reason, great importance is given to the tactile sensations: automotive players are always looking for soft and pleasant materials, with a nice-looking glossy surface.

Cannon provides different equipment to supply central console and dashboard production process:

  • high pressure dosing machines for polyurethane: ideal to backfoam the skin of dashboards, with a thin layer of flexible foam. The foam keeps the skin glued to the structure of the dashboard and gives to it a proper “soft touch” feeling.
  • thermoforming machines can form the skin even to the most sophisticated shapes.
  • high pressure machines for RIM coating can add glossy surfaces to the inserts for dashboard or central console: this elements are positioned into a mould in which a transparent bicomponent polyurethane, previously mixed in high pressure, is injected. The resulting transparent lacquer protects wood from wear and sun rays, and gives the piece a very elegant shiny look.



L shaped Cannon iconic multipurpose mixing head


Modular multicomponent high pressure dosing unit for plants


Customizable all in one iconic dosing unit

Mould Carriers

Dedicated to automotive plants


Dedicated Solutions

Dedicated solutions for thermoforming​

RIM Coating


L shaped Cannon iconic multipurpose mixing head


RIM Clear and coloured coating

A-Compact HT

Customizable all in one iconic dosing unit, for high temperatures


Solutions of motion control and industrial robotics

Colored PU

Innovative solutions dedicated to coloured polyurethanes