Car seats performance and quality are fundamental  for vehicles’ comfort and security: this is why automotive seats production is one of the most demanding application.

The design of car seats and becomes more sophisticated and challenging: foam pads are becoming thinner to save space in the vehicle, but, at the same time, they must ensure best comfort and top mechanical performance.

Consequently, also chemical formulations are evolving: seats featuring different densities and hardness are made by pouring different formulations in the same mould.

To achieve this goal, Cannon has developed more sophisticated and versatile seat foaming systems; plants and foaming machines for seating are engineered to efficiently and reliably produce multi-density and multi-hardness foams: their modular design, in fact, allows to process several streams, and both TDI and MDI formulations in the same plant.


Multicomponent mixing heads


Double mixing chamber, multipurpose mixing head


Modular multicomponent high pressure dosing unit for plants

Toyota Boshoku awarded Cannon AX22 mixing head with the “Technology & Development award 2017” prize for its proven high productivity, high flexibility, high quality and high stability.

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Cannon is close to the international market with its manufacturing centres in USA, China and Italy. This guarantees the full compliance with the local regulations and technical standards of the final product and with the health and safety regulations that apply to the plant operation.