The steering wheel, besides being a structural and aesthetic element of the car, is strongly involved in safety: it not only contains the airbag but is also designed to properly deform itself, not to damage your chest in case of an accident.

No wonder manufacturers of steering wheels around the world pay so much attention to the quality and performance of their products. Cannon turnkey plants are the best solution for keeping high quality and reliability levels.

Cannon supplies complete plants for production in open mold pouring or closed injection, as well as production plants with turning tables or a series of stationary foaming presses.

Nowadays, a typical plant for steering wheels comprises:

  • One high-pressure foaming machine connected to several mixing heads
  • Several foaming stations, each including a press and a booth with a ventilation
  • Several mixing heads, one for each press, fixed on the mold
  • A mold developed for customer-specific needs, with or without a vacuum

Cannon presses for steering wheels are reliable and ergonomic, providing customers with the key characteristics to achieving top-quality finished products. The automatically adjustable tilting and the proper daylight allow the correct molding position even for complex shapes and ensure easy accessibility to the operator.

Production of steering wheels often involves a lot of manual operations. If you are looking for any degree of automation, Cannon’s skills and experience are the right choice.


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