These foaming plants are designed for two different types of refrigerator cabinet:

  • Vertical refrigerators or vertical display cabinets for shops, supermarkets, merchandisers with single or multiple doors, also called reach-in coolers and glass door freezers
  • Horizontal display cabinets for shops, supermarkets, ice-cream parlors, medical and research laboratories

The production needs for this application are not very high in terms of capacity, and there is room for many different model configurations. For this reason, the equipment/plants are based on stationary jigs/fixtures for either “door-up” or “door-down” injection.

  • Stationary Jigs – Single Plug
    These are fixtures with a single plug which can be used for “door-down” or “door-up” injection. For a model change, it is necessary to replace or adjust the plug according to the design of the new refrigerator model’s internal liner that will be foamed. It is also necessary to adjust the supporting side walls and top-bottom supporting walls according to the external dimensions of the new refrigerator cabinet to be foamed.
  • Stationary Jigs – Multiple Plug
    This equipment is suitable for injecting the cabinets in the “door up” position. It has basically the same technical features as the “single plug fixture” but is also equipped with the “multiple plug system” which can have 2-3 or 4 plugs fixed to an upper rotating structure called Rotoplug®.
  • Shuttling-Plug Fixtures
    This type of fixture is used for injecting cabinets used for large vertical refrigerators or horizontal display cabinets which are very difficult to transport/handle in horizontal position on conveyors.
Industrial refrigerators production lines


L shaped high laminarity and long stroke mixing head


Linear straight through, with possible addition of airflushing extension


Customizable all in one iconic dosing unit

We can also supply machinery to produce thermoformed parts

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Flexible and tailored thermoforming

Twin Sheet Machine

For hollow part’s production