The FPL-SR mixing head is the right choice, thanks to the main features that assures high performance and reliability:

  • Improved laminar flow rate for a higher foam quality, when using fast reacting formulations at high output values
  • Better mixing efficiency, foam saving up to 3%
  • Long injection nose
  • Increased mixing head and seal’s life for a long operating life
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Wide output range
  • Easy maintenance due to the effective design

The Vector mixing head designed for high-output applications requiring a very laminar flow

  • Its design allows for direct calibration of the flows through the injectors
  • The hydraulic controls of the three mixing chambers are separated, to simplify normal operations andmaintenance.
  • A lubrication circuit has been provided on the largest piston, to easily get rid of the scrap foam which might builds up on its shaft
  • The peculiar three-chambers geometry makes this head very suitable for extremely viscous Polyols