Cannon discontinuous panel production stations and lines for insulated panels are the result of the 20 years technological successful partnership between Cannon expertise in PU/PIR dosing and foaming and Manni presses production capabilities.

The discontinuous production process is the best fitting one in many situations: tailor made shapes, different thickness, low volume production, very variable production mix for dimensions and geometry, introduction of inserts, need of high level of finishing or of frames on more than two sides, special shapes to avoid cold bridge in joining, as for corner panels.

Cannon technology is dedicated to many applications:

  • buildings: wall, ceilings, roofs, modular houses, house doors, garage doors, ducts.
  • cold storing: warehouses, cold rooms, cold cabinets.
  • transports: refrigerated trucks, trailers, semitrailers, reefer -refrigerated containers- for intermodal logistic, ships
  • process industry: heating and ventilation ducts, liquid gases storage
  • automotive: thermal/noise insulation fibre glass reinforced pieces

Cannon solutions are the proper answer to Client’s needs, taking in to account first of all the product that has to be manufactured: chemicals and blowing agents used (the supply is ATEX compliant in case pentane is used), curing time, dimensions of the piece, thickness range, production mix, productivity and available space.

The wide range of open or close mould foaming systems, for the production of injected or stratified panels satisfy any production requirement with clear aims: chemicals savings, minimum production process time, maximum foam quality (mixing heads positioning is accurately defined), footprint reduction and maximum flexibility production, taking care about safety and ergonomics.

From the single station configuration (single press, dosing unit and mixing head), Cannon is able to provide everything between this simple solution and very special plants with the following features:

  • multi presses
  • multi dosing units
  • multi injection/pouring systems
  • head noose cleaners
  • high flexibility: multi panels per plane, multi thickness panels simultaneous production
  • sheets and inserts loading and placing systems
  • off line preparation
  • special dimensions of plates
  • panel unloading and handling system
  • stacking system for the packaging units
  • chemicals storage system
  • integration of the Cannon scope of supply with the upstream and downstream customer process
  • high level of automation: foaming robots, integration with the factory central control system to set production parameters

Cannon technical service is available for the retrofitting of existing discontinuous panel production lines, even for the conversion to the use of pentane blowing agent.


L shaped high laminarity and long stroke mixing head


Customizable all in one iconic dosing unit

Insulation Presses

Dedicated to insulation applications

Storage Systems

Integrated solutions for processing foaming