The domestic refrigerator/freezer doors can be foamed using two different technologies:

  • Open Mould Pouring
  • Closed Mould Injection
  • Different Blowing Agents including hydrocarbons
  • VAI – Vacuum Assisted Injection is applicable to closed mould injection

We have different type of equipment/plants which can all be used for these different ways and systems that include:

  • Carousels or turning table
    Can be designed either for fully automatic mass production of popular refrigerator models or in semi-automatic version for low production series and lower investment. These plants are based on moving fixtures which can be operated at the service stations with fully automatic devices or manual systems for the different operations. For the model change, depending on the door design and on the way of foaming, it is possible to either modify the mould configuration to adapt it to the new size of door to be produced, or to replace them.
  • Paternoster system
    The Paternoster system is based on the same principles of carousels or turning tables, with moving fixtures usually automatically operated at the different service stations for mass production of high demand refrigerator/freezer door models. The only difference compared to carousels or turning tables where the fixtures move around, is that on the Paternoster system the fixtures move on two superposed tracks and the transfer of the fixtures from one track to the other is achieved by special sector-wheels or hydraulic operated pantograph system. With the two superposed tracks, the main advantage is to save floor space.
  • Drum units
    The Drum Unit is based on a vertical rotary system and depending on the production capacity needs it can be equipped from a minimum of three mould-carriers up to a maximum of ten. In the service station, placed in front of the machine, different operations are performed. In case of injection in closed mould, this operation can be done in the following station. The total cycle time allowed for all these operations is usually around 46-48 secondsFaster cycles can be obtained with the new EasyDrum® version by transferring the service operations outside the machine, shuttling in and out the complete mould. Several versions are available, according the individual production needs and on the finished door design.


L shaped high laminarity and long stroke mixing head

A-System Penta Twin

Modular multicomponent high pressure dosing unit for flammable blowing agents


Blowing agents dosing & mixing

Storage Systems

Integrated solutions for processing foaming