Cannon can offer multiple standardized solutions for fully automatic lines for thermoforming in the refrigerator industry for cabinets and door liners production.​

Our in-line vacuum forming machines are able to support high productions rates with an efficient mechanical structure and concept while ensuring the best quality of the final part thanks to its vacuum bell capable of pressure forming.

These state of the art solution for this kind of application implement the most advanced features coming from Cannon Ergos’s thermoforming experience.​

Mold change time is minimized by fast tool change solutions, making our thermoforming lines suitable for both small and large production batches per mold.

In-line machines for domestic refrigerators

  • Automatic loading and centering
  • Chain transfer system (faster and less scrap)
  • Single/double heating station
  • Pressure forming capabilities
  • In-line cutting and punching
  • Fast tool change solutions