Intensive foaming processes consume very high amounts of chemicals. To assure the continuous feeding of the production plant, a well dimensioned storage system must be added to ensure that all equipment is fed by the correct flow at the right pressure and to guarantee that all the chemicals are pumped correctly, in the right proportion.

Cannon is able to provide an integrated solution, adding to the production plant the complete storage tank, premixing and distribution system; starting from the specific costumer’s requirements, Cannon Legos designs, supplies and installs:

  • Raw Chemicals Bulk storage systems: designed according to local standards, this plants are composed by vertical type storage tank, with capacity up to 150.000 litres as single unit, pump group for truck unloading, temperature control system to maintain the chemical in proper operating conditions and automatic control through PLC.
  • Pentane and Blowing Agents storage systems: the plant includes intermediate buffer tanks, complete of safeties in case of pentane use, for an high availability of production lines, temperature control loop for enhanced foaming performances, pumping group and piping ring for blend delivery to dosing units (discover more about Cannon’s pentane management systems here).
  • Capability to supply turn-key installation integrating the whole range of Cannon technologies, including civil works, full mechanical works as piping, ductworks, utilities, and full electrical works as cabling, wiring, cables trays, installation and lifting tool
  • Blending and Buffer systems:  the plant is made by diaphragm pumps and load cells for high accuracy in additives dosing, with stainless steel tank for additives pre-blending, discharged by gravity into a polyol/additives blending tank, both equipped with stirrer. This plant can be customized according to client’s blend “recipe”.

Tailor made solutions for companies which works with polyurethane, but also for those that retail polyol and additives (also pentane) already premixed.

IBC Stations are used to storage additives, catalysts and water feedings 

Drum and IBC filling: this system allows the semi-automatic filling of drums and IBC stations and consists of:

  • A holding structure with a rotating boom which can fill a pallet with four drums
  • The boom holds a flexible hose with a tackle and  filling rigid pipe at the end, to be dropped inside the drum
  • A Local Control box
  • A Control board

In case of blending of Polyol and Pentane, safeties measures must be taken, as sensors, emergency push buttons and the enclosing of the filling system in a dedicated and ventilated room.