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Our international technical service personnel are highly qualified specialists with several years of experience on Cannon technologies’ maintenance.

Every year our technicians are trained in the headquarter training centre in Italy. The training path is assessed, certificated and tracked.

They gain expertise in the maintenance of the latest cutting edge Cannon technical solutions and the upgrading of the equipment improving safety, productivity and energy efficiency.

Cannon technical assistance service provides:

  • 24/7 telephone technical support
  • planned and preventive maintenance programs
  • remote assistance and control
  • residual life assessment
  • repair and emergency intervention.

A planned and preventive maintenance assures long term low maintenance costs and full reliability of the production plant, minimizing downtime risks.

With the residual life assessment of fatigue subjected components is possible to plan an intervention of substitution of the component or the equipment, complying with the Customer’s production plans.

If an unpredicted failure occurs, a quick intervention is guaranteed.

Cannon provides quick reaction to customer’s parts needs with the ability to pull from inventory supply in the Italian headquarter or from Cannon worldwide branches. We provide standard, next day and same-day shipping options depending on the needs of our customers and items’ availability.

It is important to modernize in operation plants during their lifetime to improve processing time, reduce running costs and take care of safety issues, complying to new local environmental and health&safety regulations got in force after the first installation of the plant.
Our technicians after a complete check-up of the plant, are able to suggest plans of refurbish and upgrading to improve the performance, availability and reliability of the equipment.

Cannon revamping service provides effective improvements, adding new features and functionalities, introducing the latest Cannon cutting edge technologies.

Among the others, the revamping of the PU processing plant related to the utilisation of Hydrocarbons as blowing agent is very complex and demanding.

The retrofitting activity involves PU processing machines and the production plant itself, the storage system and safety control panels due to the explosion risk connected with the utilization of hydrocarbons, mainly Pentane (Cyclo, Iso, Normal) and Butane as refrigerant (R600).

Cannon dedicates to this activity a specialised engineering team that is able to approach the revamping as a “turn key project” including design, supply of dosing and premix units suitable to utilise pentane and/or other low boiling blowing agents, storage system for hydrocarbons and safety control system with a dedicated software properly elaborated by Cannon.

In the 1500sqm headquarter research and development laboratory Cannon technicians carry out laboratory trials for reactive polymer items manufacturers or raw material suppliers.

Cannon Lab can provide trials to:

  • support the definition of the optimal chemical recipe
  • train clients’ technicians on the machine purchased
  • find out the best setting of the machine while performing pre-series production
  • product engineering: a new machine for a new application with prototype production
  • define new production processes: different ways to produce an item
  • testing of new raw materials.

A closed and reserved area accessible only to authorized personnel is dedicated to each client, to guarantee complete confidentiality.

Production line supervisors, machines’ operators and internal maintenance personnel will get the best from Cannon plants and equipment if well trained. Training sessions take place in the central Cannon training centre in Italy, or can be organized at customer premises, in this case the contents will be fully tailor made.

The courses are available in English, on request in other languages. These are face to face learning opportunities with experienced trainers with a wide on field experience; you will learn how to use, maintain, repair your equipment and do effective trouble shooting.  Classroom and practical sessions in specific dedicated areas are followed by exercises carried out by the participants themselves, as an assessment of what have been learned; a certificate of participation is issued and technical documentation released.

Basic and advanced courses are programmed monthly, request the calendar and the agenda of next training sessions.

Cannon wishes to present the best fitting solution to the Customer: a multi-disciplinary team assists the Client in taking his purchasing decision from the very beginning of the collaboration.

The Company performs:

  • technical and commercial assistance during negotiations
  • on site surveys
  • local project management

Cannon will fit effectively with the site that is going to host the new plant or the refurbishment revamping activity. On-site visits are very important to analyse the current situation, to define the proper layout and the integration with existing plants or machinery, taking care of safety and environmental issues.

Once the supply has been tested and accepted by the client’s assessment in Cannon premises, Cannon technicians will properly install the equipment, to be ready for a quick commissioning and start-up phase that will be still carried out by Cannon following a defined work program to achieve the proper set to quickly launch the first batch production.