Manni VAI Truck Panel

UNIDO Supports Vacuum Technology in South Africa

With our extensive experience in different applications and sectors, we design, develop and supply a wide range of customized molds, thermoforming machines and automation, supporting clients in air ducts production.

Phenolic Foams

Phenolic foam is the lowest thermal conductivity rigid thermoset foam, for this reason is suitable for a wide range of heating and cooling applications: industrial heating and ventilation –  such as pipe equipment, tanks and duct insulation – industrial refrigeration, building applications such as roofing, flooring, wall insulation and fire doors. The very fine closed…


To produce heat or cold for human comfort or industrial process it is necessary to spend energy; the production and the use of energy exhaust natural resources, release pollution in the environment causing huge of indirect costs. Civil and industrial sectors are very conscious about the necessity to reduce energy consumption, concentrating on energy efficiency,…