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The mixing head for extremely viscous Polyols

New Polyurethane Foams solutions for boilers insulation

Better Polyurethane Foams for hot water tanks insulation

New energy-conscious regulations are raising the bar for the insulation performances of any thermal apparatus, and water boilers play an important role in this category of devices, more and more demanded domestic uses, but in particular for the storage of hot media produced with solar panels and heat pumps.


To produce heat or cold for human comfort or industrial process it is necessary to spend energy; the production and the use of energy exhaust natural resources, release pollution in the environment causing huge of indirect costs. Civil and industrial sectors are very conscious about the necessity to reduce energy consumption, concentrating on energy efficiency,…

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Different models available, up to 5000 tons of clamping force


In the building sector, insulation plays a significant role for improving energy efficiency. Materials as rigid polyurethane foam, thanks to its extreme lightweight and its thermal and acoustic insulating properties, are perfect to obtain a high level of insulation for buildings, warehouses, prefabricated structures, roofs, walls, floors, ceilings, pipes and air conditioning systems. Building insulation…