Laminarity for high-productivity

Battery Boxes

Following the low weight trend in the automotive industry related to fuel economy, many OEMs are introducing and researching also composites electric batteries’ boxes in composite material. Battery boxes can be manufactured in: HP-RTM Liquid Lay Down (LLD) SMC GMT

Body Panels, Hoods and Roofs, Door Outer Skin

These elements can be produced in different ways: obtaining high performance structural parts with the combination of matrix and reinforcement with HP-RTM Liquid Lay Down SMC, to achieve complex geometries PrePreg GMT Interwet

Body in White, Frames and Reinforcing Elements

Automotive body in white components and frames are critical structures requiring the highest fibre volume fraction in order to withstand extreme mechanical stresses. Cannon has developed two ways to produce these parts: HP-RTM When the resin transfer is not convenient due to part dimension or type of reinforcement (e.g. in case of low cost reinforcement…


Liquid Lay Down, dry fiber impregnation