Afros Dosing Unit

Handling new formulations for energy efficiency

Manufacturers of building materials and white goods are continually challenged by the energy efficiency of their products, and in this, the insulating properties of polyurethane play a key role.

Cannon news from refrigerators market

The refrigerators market evolution

A growing consumption of processed food products – frozen  meat, vegetables, dairy products – and a change in the dietary habits of consumers is driving the refrigerators market growth worldwide.

From Rubber to Polyurethane

The demand for always lighter vehicles is leading the automotive industry to rethink to the production materials in use: we talked about it with Sanpo Gomu, manufacturer of acoustic insulation parts for OEMs.

MeetCannon Insulation Technology Open Days

MeetCannon – Digitally on your side

MeetCannon is the exclusive digital place for connecting to customers and partners. On line events, meetings and materials to be, also digitally, always on your side.

Cannon visiting Nitto Chemical

Innovative solutions for niche sectors: Nitto Chemical

The market of polyurethane raw chemicals is global and very competitive, so no surprise that big global players target those markets where volumes are important. In this scenario, however, some smaller raw chemical suppliers thrive by bringing very innovative solutions to niche sectors.

Cannon A-Prima dosing unit

Keyword: Simplicity – Cannon A-Prima

Discover Cannon A-Prima , the high pressure dosing unit for simple productions, for those who switch from low pressure equipment, or for newcomers and startups.

Cannon Equipment for engine covers

For a silent roar

Cannon Afros has developed dedicated equipment for the production of engine covers with Polyurethane, whether they are totally made in pu or in thermoplastic with an insulation back layer

Cannon Solution for grommets

Grommets, a time-saving solution

Cannon developed a whole range of solution for the production of grommets in polyurethane, using a full sensored mould connected with a human interface.