Cutting Technology

Our technology for automotive air ducts

With our extensive experience in different applications and sectors, we design, develop and supply a wide range of customized molds, thermoforming machines and automation, supporting clients in air ducts production.

Twin crea Machine

Twin Crea

For domestic refrigerators​ production


The complete range of technologies for industrial thermoforming


Cannon Ergos thermoforming technologies cover the complete range of requirements for industrial thermoforming. Various machine configurations up to fully integrated production plants are available, with a wide selection of customizations related to specific thermoforming scenarios. We help the customer  from design through project industrialization up to commissioning,  production assistance, and process optimization. Vacuum forming This…


Not only mattress, sofas and pillows, but also chairs, libraries, medical furniture…: lots of furnishing can be made by polyurethanes, thanks to its high versatility. Working in close cooperation with furniture component manufacturers, Cannon have designed and developed a wide range of proprietary foaming and moulding technologies to be applied to the production of structural,…