Efficient solution for Honeycomb structures

The Process

The final product is achieved in three main steps:

  1. Sandwich preparation: the sandwich can be assembled either manually or automatically by placing a honeycomb cardboard sheet between two fiber-glass mats.
  2. Sandwich Impregnation: the sandwich is moved in a spraying area where PU is sprayed over the 2 fiberglass mat surfaces
  3. Curing and cutting: the impregnated sandwich is placed in a press to be cured and cut. Cutting can be also performed as a final step with dedicated equipment once the part has been unloaded from the press

Features and advantages

This process allows to obtain lightweight semi-structural composite parts made of materials such as PU, cardboard and glass fiber. Thanks to the peculiar structure of the final product, very good mechanical properties are achieved through economic materials. This process is best suited on large 2D surfaces.

Automotive: interiors

Automotive: exteriors


  • Pallets




Glass, Honeycomb



Curing time: 1 min

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