Liquid Lay Down

The Process

In this process the dry fiber blanket is placed on an impregnation table, where a mixing head with a dedicated diffuser pours the resin directly on the reinforcement. The impregnated part is then automatically transferred into a press, where the permeation of the matrix is carried through the thickness of the part. The result is an eased matrix permeation (with lower clamping force) and the possibility to impregnate in hidden time (one part gets impregnated while another is curing).

Features and advantages

LLD was born as an alternative to HP-RTM and is chosen in cases where the resin transfer is not convenient due to part dimension and type of reinforcement (e.g. in case of low cost reinforcement and recycled carbon fiber). Furthermore, this process allows to obtain parts with relatively low in mould pressure and extremely low cycle time. For these reasons, LLD is today acknowledged as one of the most convenient mass production technologies.



  • Interior panels
  • Seating

Hollow structures




Carbon Fibre, Recycled Carbon Fibre, Glass Fibre, Aramid Fibre, Basalt Fibre, Organic natural Fibre


Uni-directional, Multi-Axial, Textile, Malt

Curing time: 30s -5 min

Fiber volume fraction: up to 50%


Laminarity for high-productivity


Modular multicomponent dosing unit, for HP-RTM applications

Composites Presses

Dedicated to composites applications

Stacking Line

A balanced combination of efficiency and flexibility for high productivities

Conditioning Station

To keep homogeneous chemicals’ conditions


Solutions of motion control and industrial robotics