Lightweight Reinforced Thermoplastics

The Process

Forming process of LWRT components is quite simple and very flexible. It consists in the heat-up of the material followed by compression moulding inside a thermo-regulated tool. After the material cooling, the part can be de-moulded. Cutting and/or trimming inside the tool is also a common practice in order to reduce the required working steps on the part.
Final cycle time can reach values as low as 30” with a multiple station heating and a high speed forming press.

Features and advantages

LWRT is a class of composite materials composed of a thermoplastic resin matrix (usually PP) with long chopped glass fibre reinforcement. In the last years it has found a very favourable field of application in the automotive industry for the manufacturing of noise absorbing components.
Main advantage of this technology is that it allows to obtain a part with good stiffness/weight ratio that can be coupled with reinforcing/aesthetic external layers in a single process characterized by low forming pressures and the possibility of obtaining a part with different thicknesses.

Automotive noise insulating elements







Curing time: 30 sec -2 min

Fiber volume fraction: up to 30-35%


Different models available, up to 5000 tons of clamping force


Design, development and suppy of moulds


Solutions of motion control and industrial robotics