Prepreg for compression moulding

The Process

The use of press prepregs has spread in the last years and has become a valid alternative for structural parts high volume production. This class of carbon/epoxy prepregs is engineered to be processed in a closed mould under high pressure, with extremely low curing times. A fully cured composite part can be obtained in a time ranging from less than 2 to 10 minutes, mainly depending on the part thickness. The process simply involves the introduction of the input material within a heated mould, where the material cures under the action of temperature and pressure (up to 80-100 bar).

Features and advantages

High performance structural parts (up to 70% FVF) can be produced with this technology with cycle times that can be as low as 2 minutes. In order to minimize cycle time, preforming is often necessary.

It is also possible to combine this material with carbon-based SMC, in order to add geometrically complex details such as ribs, joints and couplings.

Automotive, Structural


  • Seating
  • Interior panels




Carbon Fibre


Uni-directional, Multi-Axial, Textile

Curing time: 2m -10 min

Fiber volume fraction: up to 70%

Stacking Line

A balanced combination of efficiency and flexibility for high productivities


The ideal equipment for high productivity composites related projects


Different models available, up to 5000 tons of clamping force


Design, development and suppy of moulds


Solutions of motion control and industrial robotics