The Process

The pultrusion process consists in pulling a continuous reinforcement through a resin bath or an injection/pouring mould fed by a dosing machine. The material passes then through a heated die in order to obtain a product unidirectionally reinforced. During the transit into the heated die the matrix cures and, once in a solid state, a pulling mechanism consisting in reciprocating pullers or a caterpillar moves the profile to continue the production process. A cutting station then divides the profile at the defined length.

Features and advantages

This process allows to obtain in a continuous way, high performance structural parts with a constant profile by pouring or injecting a liquid matrix in a reinforcement being pulled in a die.

This process is perfect for the production of long profiles subject to longitudinale stresses and possibly fatigue.

Wind Power


  • Frames
  • Construction reinforcements


Epoxy Resins, Polyurethane Resins, P-DCPD


Carbon Fibre, Glass Fibre



Curing time: 2-10 min

Fiber volume fraction: up to 70%

B1 Multi

Dedicated to electric and electronic components


Dedicated dosing unit for pultrusion