Reinforced Reaction Injection Moulding

The Process

The final product is achieved by quickly injecting a fast reacting formulation in a closed mould. A premixing station blends one of the components of the matrix with the reinforcement and the filler, which is then transferred to a high-output metering machines. The two components of the matrix are then mixed and injected into the mould as fast as possible to allow the filling of the cavity before cure of the formulation.

Features and advantages

This process allows to obtain light and strong components using PU as a fast reacting matrix typically reinforced with glass or carbon fiber and fillers. It is the perfect solution for small-medium size high end production being economically competitive with thermoplastic below 100-150 parts per day. On low volumes in fact, it allows to maintain much higher mechanical properties for elements such as bumpers or panels keeping lower than thermoplastics the initial capital investment.



Polyurethane, Epoxy


Glass, Carbon, Hollow glass spheres


Chopped fibers

Curing time: less than 1 min

Fiber volume fraction: 17%


Automotive RRIM very fast cycle time

HE Booster

Modular dosing unit dedicated to RRIM applications


Different models available, up to 5000 tons of clamping force


Solimix, fillers dosing & mixing