What do cars, refrigerators and sofas have in common? Polyurethane.

This extremely versatile type of plastic keeps you comfortable while driving, keeps cold food and drinks in your refrigerator, keeps warm your home and the water in your boiler.

A polyurethane good quality foam is the result of a reagents better mixing, which optimize the chemical reaction between the two components. To achieve this goal, Cannon has conceived and patented the FPL high pressure mixing head: the components flow was forced through an “L-shaped” mixing chamber in order to maximize the efficiency of the contact.

Since its foundation, Cannon has been on the forefront in developing new solutions to process polyurethanes, following chemistry evolution and the consequent high efficient and high performing polyurethane systems.

Thanks to the hard work of the R&D department, Cannon is currently involved in the improvement of the mixing, dosing and foaming technologies, in order to make the most cutting-edge products.

Polyurethanes found large industrial use after World War II. In the ‘80s the polyurethane market constantly grows and develops, above all in terms of applications: the number of foam articles manufactured multiplies and, at the same time, the request of better performance foams increases.