The reduction of the Ozone Depletion and climate change phenomena is a crucial challenge for present and future generations. In order to achieve this goal, chemical companies have agreed to find alternative solutions for those substances harmful for the environment in the production processes.

The guidelines for this change in Polyurethane applications were provided in 1987 by the Montreal Protocol, establishing new regulations relevant to the usage of blowing agents in the polyurethane formulations for helping the expansion of the foams.

PU production moved towards the use of water, HFCs, Hydrocarbons and other chemicals like Methyl Formate and Methylal. Also HFOs (Hydrofluoroolefins) are gaining important market positions.

Working in close partnership with customers, NGOs and raw material suppliers, Cannon has been on the forefront of this technological revolution, patenting mixing and metering technologies for alternative blowing agents, as:

  • Water
  • Air and CO2
  • HFOs
  • Penthane

The major European PU consumers are adopting Penthane technologies. The management of Penthane and of other flammable blowing agents implies the use of a safety system composed by ventilation equipment, gas sensors and dedicated safety control cabinet.

Gas Nucleation Systems

Designed for inert gas, or air, dosing & mixing


Blowing agents dosing & mixing