Mastering dosing and mixing is not enough to make good polyurethane parts.

Each foaming process requires wise and perfect dosing of different components, and a deep knowledge of the management of blowing agents is fundamental too.

Cannon brings all this knowledge into its wide range of foaming technologies: continuous foaming process for production of slabs, panels and polyiso boards; discontinuous foaming process for molded foams and sandwich panels; injection of foam under vacuum.

Slabstock Lines

Solutions for flexible foam blocks

PU Molded Foam

Managing density for complex shapes


Blowing agents dosing & mixing

Vacuum Assisted Injection

Vacuum Assisted Injection

Discontinuous Panels Production

A wide range of open or close mould foaming systems

Polyiso Boards

Supplied with a patented double belt driving

Domestic Refrigerator Plants

Domestic Refrigerators Production Plants

Commercial Refrigerator Plants

Commercial Refrigerators Production Plants