Many industrial applications request the use of chemicals, that have specific important functions.
Cannon provides advanced CASE (coating, adhesives, sealing and elastomer) processing solutions for bi or multi component reactive polymers.

  • Coating process enhance the carrier substrate material proprieties, providing  aesthetic or functional parts finished at a very high quality surface grade, improving the product’s lifespan. Cannon surface coating process provides transparent or coloured high quality surfaces for different materials for automotive interiors and exteriors.
  • Adhesives are widely used as effective junctions in industrial products, binding together two surfaces and resisting to separation. Cannon gluing systems are able to perform structural adhesive binding as the gluing of the two shells of the wind turbine’s blades.
  • Sealants have an important insulation function, preventing the passage or the contact with gases, liquids, humidity, high/low temperature, noise or dust. Cannon multi-component micro pouring processing units such as Gasketing and Potting are the right choice for insulating electric and electronic components.
  • Elastomers provide resistance to impacts, aging, temperatures and corrosion, with a soft touch. These proprieties make them suitable for sealing, adhesive and molding of flexible parts for automotive, industrial, oil & gas, material handling and sports & leisure applications.

CASE technologies are performed by different chemicals, in particular Cannon CASE solutions are dedicated to Polyurethanes, Silicones, Epoxy resins and Polyesters.

Other interesting experiences with reactive polymers have been gained with phenolic and DCDP resins.