Phenolic foam is the lowest thermal conductivity rigid thermoset foam, for this reason is suitable for a wide range of heating and cooling applications: industrial heating and ventilation –  such as pipe equipment, tanks and duct insulation – industrial refrigeration, building applications such as roofing, flooring, wall insulation and fire doors.

The very fine closed cell structure makes this foam a high thermal efficient material: thinner layer of insulation are needed to achieve the same results of traditional thermoset foams.

Fire performance characteristics are excellent too: this material has either zero or very low flame spread, low smoke emissions with a very low level of toxic gas emissions.

Cannon is specialized in the design and production of phenolic continuous and  discontinuous boards plants mainly used in the building industry.

Thanks to the experience developed in phenolic foams, Cannon is  able to provide plants for other applications such as fire doors and pipe insulation.