Cannon Ergos thermoforming technologies cover the complete range of requirements for industrial thermoforming. Various machine configurations up to fully integrated production plants are available, with a wide selection of customizations related to specific thermoforming scenarios.

We help the customer  from design through project industrialization up to commissioning, assistance of production and process optimization.

Vacuum forming

Single sheet thermoplastic material is heated and sequentially formed against a machined tool to obtain the final shape of the part thanks to the effect of vacuum which is pulled through the tool.

Crea Series

Flexible and tailored thermoforming

Customized Machine

Dedicated solutions for thermoforming​

Twin sheet

Possibility of forming hollow structural parts in a single step with the capability of placing inserts in the cavity before closing.

Twin Sheet Machine

For hollow part’s production

Thermo-covering/Vacuum lamination

Dedicated solution for production of aesthetic parts by covering of structural inserts by vacuum forming of a suitable thermoplastic layer.

Crea Series

Flexible and tailored thermoforming

Pressure forming

High performance process adding additional hydrostatic pressure to the vacuum in order to obtain more complex shapes, faster cycle times or process higher mechanical properties materials for high-end applications.

In Line Machine

For domestic refrigerators​ production

Crea Series

Flexible and tailored thermoforming


Double action forming with male-female tools for lightweight thermoplastic based composites.

Crea Series

Flexible and tailored thermoforming